November 19 (Tue.) ~ 22 (Fri.), 2019
Tsukuba International Congress Center, Japan

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Selection Process for Contributions

Chairpersons would select the contributions based on merit, contemporaneous issue selection, contextual appropriateness, equitable distributions to various themes of different sections, country-wise parity, and the time-slots available, etc. The chairpersons would also demarcate the contributions for oral or poster presentations.


Dr. Hiroaki Yamanouchi

Bombyx mori

Dr. Daniel Severus Dezmirean

Non-mulberry silkworms

Dr. Alok Sahay

Bacology of the silkworms

Dr. Keiko Kadono-Okuda

Post-cocoon technology

Ms. Siriporn Boonchoo


Mr. Adeel Sarvizargar

Sericulture in non-textile industries and new silk applications

Dr. Yasushi Tamada

Silk processing, trading and marketing

Dr. Subhas V. Naik